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This department is one of the foremost departments created by the hospital from inception. It is the department that makes medical investigation and diagnosis possible. It is equipped with standard/state-of –the art equipments for accurate medical diagnosis. There is a provision of a phlebotomy room for taking patient samples.

This department handles all investigations that may be recommended for our esteem patients which include but not limited to: Haematology, Microbiology, Serology, Clinical chemistry, HIV Screening, Health screening etc.

We issue a computer generated medical test results from customized software. 

Our laboratory is, of course, a beauty to behold.


This department houses the stock of drugs of the hospital. The various drugs used for every medical problems presented by our patient are stored in this department, and managed by capable pharmacy technicians and staff nurses who have been trained to do so.

This department has a fitted split air conditioner that keeps the drugs at room temperature and always potent for medical use. The pharmacy has shelve apartments that makes for easy referencing and drug dispensation.


This department takes care of the day-to-day operational needs of the facility. All necessary paper works needed for the smooth running of the hospital are carried out in this department.

The administrative department has the Account office, the Audit office, and the administrative manager’s office situated therein. It also carries out the HR functions.

Every maintenance, repair orders are initiated from this department in order to ensure that all machines and equipments of the facility are at a functional state at all times.


This department is responsible for the welcoming and proper reception of our esteemed patients. It is manned by personnel who have been well trained on customer services and satisfaction ethics.

More so, this department is responsible for referencing, coding and finding of patients’ case notes whenever any patient visits the facility. In order to make it easy to find patients’ case notes, the department has been equipped with a computer software system that makes looking for a patient folder a click away.

Are you in the hospital? Have you forgotten the number of your folder? Don’t worry; we will help you find it. With your name and/or phone number, your case not will be found.


This department is where the doctors consult patients before planning their treatment. The hospital has three (3) consulting rooms that are easily accessible by the patients. The department has air conditioners, spacious and well ventilated for patient relaxation and comfort during consultation.

The department is also equipped with other medical instruments that help the medical personnel in making accurate diagnosis and arriving at good medical decisions.


This unit is part of our diagnostic department responsible for carrying out several medical imaginal analyses on patients. The scan investigation being carried out by this unit include: Breast scan, Pelvic scan, abdominal scan, Scrotum scan etc.

Our diagnostic department prides itself in generating fool-proof results that have helped in engendering accurate and on point treatment to our large patient base. 


Although the hospital is in a general medical practice, it has majored in paediatrics services over the years and has performed effectively and excellently in this aspect of medicine. Little wonder why Mothers Like Their Children To Be Treated In Mary The Queen Hospital.

It is a hospital that has made a name in mother and child care over the tears. It has also added to this service a state of the art incubator and oxygen concentrators for pre-mature babies with qualified paediatricians on calls to always attend to emergency situations. Included also is a phototherapy equipment that takes care of babies delivered with jaundice.