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1) Antibacterial,bactericidal and virus-killing effects
2) lowering blood pressure with anti-coagulation effect; prevention of arteriosclerosis; prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
3) lowering blood sugar and reducing the onset of diabetes;
4) protecting the liver and inhibiting tumor;
5) scavenging free radicals, improving immunity with anti-aging effects and enhancing physical strength;
6) lipid- lowering and weight-losing effect which is exerted by dissolving the fat particles and promoting fat decomposition.
 It has roles for promoting the health and improving the functions of the five systems among the eight systems of human body to various degrees after taking it for a period of time.
1) THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM– It has the function of promoting gastrointestinal absorption, activating the stomach and intestines, disinfecting and sterilizing and preventing food poisoning;
2)THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM– To Prevent colds and protect the bronchial mucosa;
3) THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM–Long term use can improve the activity of male sperms, nourish kidney and strength yang to some extent.
4) THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM–Long term use as the health care effects of preventing high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, lowering blood lipids and preventing blood clots;
5) THE IMMUNE SYSTEM–To strength the immune system, increase immunity and prevent viruses, parasites and bacteria infection.

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